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Third Grade Writing Prompts For Holidays

RRP $18.99

The holidays are an exciting time for children in the classroom and the home. The rich history and fun celebrations of holidays make students excited both for parties and learning. The Writing Prompts for Holidays series is a collection of imaginative situations and questions related to 20 major holidays, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and more. Third Grade Writing Prompts for Holidays is a workbook that will help third grade students to start developing their creative writing skills. Holidays sections in the book include:

  • Christmas and Thanksgiving
  • Halloween and Easter
  • Independence Day and Veterans Day
  • Labor Day, New Year's Eve, Earth Day and many more...
Bryan Cohen, the author of 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts and 500 Writing Prompts for Kids, has compiled 200 of his best holiday prompts for third graders in this workbook. Use them for journals, assignments, poems, conversations, songs, and more!

A Holiday Of Love

RRP $15.99

In New York City in the late 1800s, a beautiful but clumsy angel turns a lonely man's life around....

In medieval Scotland, the intrigues of a Christmas Mass imperil two Highland lovers....

In Regency London, a world-weary lord receives an outrageous proposal....

And in modern-day Colorado, a clever twelve-year-old plays matchmaker for his bighearted but impractical mother.

A Zombie's Guide To The Holidays

RRP $17.99

We all know the holidays can be overwhelming. But have you ever considered how stressful they might be for the Living Impaired? These Zombie-inclusive times call for a whole new guide to managing the season. This concise little book for the Undead intersperses tips like ''Keep your head, '' ''Dress to kill, '' and ''Shop 'til they drop'' with illustrations that are, well, dead-on. Coping strategies will help anxious Zombies conquer even Secret Santa shopping and discover that the true spirit of the season is indeed, er, infectious. Having written books for Peter Pauper Press on everything from beer and blarney to etiquette and entertaining, prolific author Ruth Cullen devours most any topiceven Zombies. Undead Illustrator Lisa Fargo, of Fargo Design, Inc., is based in Pittsburgh.


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