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Travels With Honey

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This book is about my journey with my husband and Honey last year, taking us into adventure and a healing journey. It is a journey on which we nearly died in Spain but came to France triumphant and ready to live our lives to the fullest.

This journey is one of many, but this journey is the latest and the one that brought me here. I have done all sorts of jobs in the past, but the one I enjoyed the most was working with people as a rainer/teacher, enabling people do be the best that they could be and enjoy life to the fullest. So in a sense, I was a motivational coach before coaches became popular. In the end, I had to work on myself more, and it is this journey that has become a healing journey on a road less traveled. I have followed a spiritual path for at least twelve to fourteen years. Now I have come to live in France, only being here less than two months on this date. I have come here with my husband of just a year and our dog to a lovely old farmhouse with an acre of orchard, a vegetable garden, a copse, and four hens. I have always been in love with the earth and have walked miles to raise money for earth charities. I paint, I love making things and creating in most ways. I am extremely lucky and excited by life.

World Travels With A Peripatetic Marine Scientist

RRP $290.99

A Gringocua Travels Puerto Rico Aibonito

RRP $12.99

An American and his wife, a native Puerto Rican, are traveling throughout the island of Puerto Rico to each pueblo. Their goal is to take pictures and to teach the world about this beautiful island. Greg, the Gringocua and Maggie, the Boricua made this trip to the mountainous pueblo of Aibonito. See its beauty, learn the history and feel the culture. Collect the whole set that is in alphabetical order. Carry them with you when you book your trip to Puerto Rico; a territory of the United States.


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